Note: This game is the first edition of the game for Game Jam 2022. To play the latest full release, play the game on Steam.

About the game

Mr. Mat Hematic is a short puzzle game developed by Shahmuradov Games in 1 week for Game Jam 2022


  • Unique Puzzle mechanic
  • Story with cutscenes
  • Great Music

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A neat idea for a puzzle game! Pretty simple, but that's fine with me. Actually in more than one puzzle I ended up with unused abilities, I'm not sure if I did the puzzles differently than expected or if those were intended to keep the solution a mystery to the end.

Speaking of the end, it got very dark! I thought I was in for a surprisingly unhappy ending, thankfully I was wrong!


Thank you for your feedback! 

In some puzzles, there is usually more than one solution, because it depends on your creativity with the given operations. So even though I designed puzzles according to my solution, additional operations weren't intended on some levels. I'm glad you can solve with less than needed operations. That may be an achievement idea (if it would be in Steam someday) :D.

Yeah, as this was a short jam, I couldn't make more cutscenes, so it got dark in such a short time, but I'm glad you liked it nevertheless :)

Bu windows problemini duzeltmedin de. Defenderi sondurmek mecburiyyetinde qaliram. Gor bunu duzelde bilsen yaxsi olar. Ugurlar

O menden asili deyil :/ Oyun Steam kimi saytlarda deyil deye windows tanimir, bezi lazimli sertifikatlari yoxdu deye deyesen, onlar da pulladi. Belke bir gun o da olar :D chox sag ol