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About the game

Garden of Priapus is an indie game developed by Shahmuradov. It is inspired by Plants vs Zombies. It is a tower defense game, your mission is to defense your garden strategically, so attackers can not enter the garden. For now there are total of 10 levels, but more worlds and levels are in progress.


  • Simple to Master - The game is easy to understand, with tutorials in the beginning and it allows everyone to enjoy !
  • HD Assets - Most of the arts are fully handdrawn by us, in the best quality!
  • Great Music - Musics are enjoyable, so it will double your pleasure!

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Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Version 1

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I have played your all games they are awesome!


Thank you for your support and feedback. I appreciate it!


 Hey, I played your game on Android after seeing this on r/GameDeals.

A few things I think you can add to improve your game:

  • Tile highlighting on touch/mouse down when planting (addressing point 1 + 2 below)
  • A negative sound effect if the player cannot afford to plant (+ red highlighting too?) (point 2 below)
  • Ammo impact graphic effect: Emit some particles if the ammos hit the enemies + Flash on enemy sprite (PvZ: white flash)

Possible Bugs:

  1. I can't seem to plant on the 2 rightmost columns (dunno if bug or intended)
  2. A bit unresponsive when planting - need to tap many times to plant (on Android, maybe I couldn't afford to plant, maybe not)
  3. Sometimes I can plant scarerow on a tile where a lamp is already planted
  4. The purple muds persist when I restart a level

PvZ has planting cooldowns, I think it helps balancing the game in some way, so consider that.

I'm studying game dev too and I'm curious if it's feasible to sell on itch.io. Could you kindly disclose how many copies you've sold so far (aside from 100% discounts)? Thanks.



Thanks for giving feedback. I appreciate it!

About improvements:

I will think of adding those, they would be nice to have I think.  Thank you for your suggestions.

About bugs:

  1. It was my intention to not let the player to plant on the 2 rightmost columns. But probably I should have mentioned it in the game.
  2. There shouldn't be a bug of unresponsive planting. Probably you couldn't afford it. You are right, about negative sound when you can't afford would feel better instead of feeling like a bug.
  3. I also discovered this bug recently, I am trying to fix this bug.
  4. It is because when there is beety in the level, and when the next level loads, beety gets destroyed and mud gets generated. I think I can fix it, I will look into it!

About cooldown, I didn't want it to be more like PvZ actually, that is one reason. But for balance, maybe I will think of something new.

It is possible to sell on itch.io, but you need to do some marketing (I did free marketing, as far as I could). I've sold only 4 copies (aside from 100% discounts), but when someone buys your game, if they tip you you might get more than just n*(game price). I don't think of publishing games to Steam soon, but if I know that I will sell at least 200$ worth copies, I certainly will.

Thanks again for feedback and your suggestions!